Negative FX – Feel Like A Man Lyrics



Yeah, no clever title for this post. Just what it says on the tin. There’s a few online interpretations of the song that are worth reading for a laugh, but as far as I know the actual lyrics have never been printed and some of them are hard to make out on the recording. One of my bands even covered the song a few times and I made up the bits I didn’t know. I sent a message to Choke the other night asking what the actual lyrics are, and luckily he had a minute before Slapshot had to load out of a gig in Germany so he just typed them out on his phone. Two thousand and sixteen, ladies and gentlemen. Nice one, Mr Kelly. Let the covers commence.

Negative FX – Feel Like A Man

Too much fighting in the streets
We don’t recognize who we’re for
I see you and you see me
We’ve got to fight for just one cause
What can you do when you’re in the dumps
Social stature keeps you down
Obey the rules, keep in line
Do what they want and everything’s fine

Do what they say and maybe someday
I’ll feel like a man and do what they tell me to x2

It’s a crime saying all is fine
Then they turn and stab your back
Use your fists that’s what they’re for
Use your fists or they’ll close the door
See the rich they’re so neat
Now see the poor living on the street
The rich have everything to survive
The poor have to fight to stay alive.

Chorus x (whatever)



Recent & Decent Vol.I

I’ve been blasting the following demos a lot lately, so I thought I’d start a little spotlight feature for recent bands I’ve been buzzing off. Read on to learn about the next wave of straight edge sickness.

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Sound, Mate: Top 30 Favourite Sounding Records – The 60s

Words by Tom Pimlott

After I had finished the painstaking process of compiling my list, fuelled by Bar Burrito, I was actually quite surprised to find that only three of my choices were from the 1960s. Although, I suppose they cover the aspects of 60s production that I love, except for the Philthiest Phil of them all Mr Spector, who is not represented here but is the undisputed master of his own bathwater no questions about it. Anyway, on with the records…

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The Marshall Arts

I was a pretty late starter with the guitar, not buying my first crappy no-name Les Paul to test the waters with until I was 21. While I do wish I’d started much earlier and had the same bedroom metal phase as all my friends so I’d actually have some technical ability, starting late did give me the advantage of being able to afford decent gear straight away. After I realised I wasn’t totally useless at it, I ditched the junker guitar, purchased a used green Fender Strat and got my first amp head. The nameplate read Marshall, and I’ve stuck with Jim ever since. Continue reading