Visual Deprivation: Top Ten Live Videos

It’s been a while since our last post, everyone involved has been away on tour here there and everywhere since March. But we are back for the time being. We have had no internet at the LF HQ for over two weeks, and it made us miss being able to throw YouTube on the Xbox and watch our favourite live vids. Continue reading


Too Hectic, Too Hectic

Been a busy time up at LFHQ in LS4, so we apologise for the lack of activity. Since our last post, the following has happened…

HIGHER POWER recorded their demo with Atko, featuring none other than Jimmy Wizard on vocals. I’m not too clued up on this stuff, but if you like palm muting, lots of chorus pedal and clean singing, this may well be up your alley.

THE FLEX have recorded their new 7″ for Lockin’ Out Records, as well as two extra songs for another special release. They also flew over to Barcelona and hit Can’t Keep Us Down Fest, and an excellent time was had by all. Except maybe the guy who’s car Egan smashed with a brick of ice.

OBSTRUCT enter the studio tomorrow to record their debut LP for Carry The Weight Records. Only took two years. 12 songs are set to be laid down, and Toward has finally switched to lead guitar after surrendering to the fact that Pimmy literally cannot play solos.

COKE BUST are on tour in South America, and they all have the shits. Apart from that it’s going well, and Nicktape informs us that all manner of excellent food is being eaten and good gigs are being played. SEM HASTRO has been playing some shows there too, featuring Nicktape on drums and DC’s favourite Brazilian on the mic.

More good shit coming soon.

Wondergirl Photo: NYE Snugglefest Rundown

Nat ‘Wondergirl’ Wood has been taking sick photos at shows for a few years now, and she was kind enough to let us run a load of her amazing photos from Snugglefest in Leeds on New Year’s Eve. The whole night was fucking sick, really proud of how strong Leeds hardcore is. Along with some southern soldiers of course. Anyway, Nat managed to grab some of the coolest moments of the night so have a look. Check out the rest of her work HERE. Continue reading