Recent & Decent Vol.I

I’ve been blasting the following demos a lot lately, so I thought I’d start a little spotlight feature for recent bands I’ve been buzzing off. Read on to learn about the next wave of straight edge sickness.


Been playing the shit out of this lately. I listened to it a few times when it first came out and liked it, but didn’t really go NUTS for it. I revisited it properly a couple of weeks ago, now it’s a daily player and I’ve basically been mind-moshing ever since. The band is actually a perfect storm of straight edge hardcore, you’d be hard pressed to put together a more perfect lineup for a legit youth crew band; Robin Z of every DC band on drums, Connor Donegan of forward-rolling onstage with the lad from Anthrax fame on guitar, Dan ‘Rollerskates’ Horres from Barge on the bass and the man with the best guitar knee-slides in hardcore, Austin from Mindset/Clear on vocals. There’s definitely a bit of west coast melody of the Uniform Choice variety here, and maybe even a touch of Dag Nasty sneaking in, but make no mistake the bulk of the influence here seems to be ’85/’86 Youth Of Tofuckin’day muscle. Solid drumming with just enough flair, catchy riffs, sick bass leads and a great vocal delivery, you’re defo pulling on your sweats and Air Revs to this. Four songs, all hits.


German hardcore is really on the rise at the moment, and it’s partly thanks to the hard work of Yannick, the Germanic Dane behind Night Force, Domain, Skaggs (RIP) and a lot of the good shows in Mannheim. It’s about time too, I’ve played too many German shows with either no local support or just plain bad bands. Night Force is a straight edge hardcore band that sits somewhere between Negative Approach and Krakdown. Tough punk hardcore with strong mosh parts, what more do you want? A nice rough recording by Yannick himself, who also played all of the instruments on this recording as well as singing. By the way, chorus guitar is the new delay vocals, you heard it here first…

Weirdly the full band includes my Belgian housemate, punx without borders eh. Listen to ‘Drekhead’ and if it doesn’t get you going then there’s no hope.


I can’t remember being more excited while watching a brand new band that I hadn’t heard before than I was while watching Domain at the Mannheim Halloween show last year. The songs were perfect, there was posi jumps all over the place, the pit got moving, stage dives, Yannick was dressed as a Viking and Fabian had chainmail armour on, it was wild. When I first checked out the demo a few weeks later though, I was thrown off guard a bit. I think I was just used to Fabian’s voice in Skaggs, and his voice on this recording disoriented me a bit. Anyway, like the Line Of Sight demo I listened to it a few times and liked it, but it was upon the grand revisitation that it all clicked for me. Been jamming this back to back with the Line Of Sight demo pretty much every day for a couple of weeks now. Great straight edge youth crew hardcore in the vein of Pressure Release, Wide Awake, and maybe even the harder moments of the first Gorilla Biscuits record, but with a real rough punk edge thanks to another cool recording job by Yannick. Don’t sleep on this and support the NWOD(eutsch)HC


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