Visual Deprivation: Top Ten Live Videos

It’s been a while since our last post, everyone involved has been away on tour here there and everywhere since March. But we are back for the time being. We have had no internet at the LF HQ for over two weeks, and it made us miss being able to throw YouTube on the Xbox and watch our favourite live vids. So, in chronological order, here’s a list of my top ten favourite hardcore live videos, and top ten non-hc vids. Enjoy.

(For the eejits, click the titles to be linked to the video)


Minor Threat @ Buff Hall 1982

This was some of the earliest footage of hardcore I ever saw. Looks to me like the perfect gig; amazing fast yet slammable band, perfect size venue with perfect size stage, over enthusiastic crowd. Plus SS Decontrol played the show too. Powerhouse!

Negative Approach WBSYN Detroit 1982

I love this as when you watch the interview part it hits you how young the guys were, and I’m pretty sure the 16yr old drummer wrote most of the tunes too. Great set, and a bit more light hearted than the average NA set.

Negative FX last Mission Of Burma Show 1983

The story with this one goes, NFX were playing the last Mission Of Burma show, their mates are going off hard, and the sound guy tries to shut it down. So the band (namely Dave Brown the drummer) fill the guy in onstage, swinging instruments and all sorts, then just head right back into a song before the drummer even sits back down. He just gets back behind the kit and picks up the song wherever. Other highlights; Might Makes Right and some wild yellow trousers. WE AIN’T GONNA STOP FUCK YOU!

Straight Ahead Pete’s Sake Benefit @ CBGB 1988

Tommy Carroll’s infamy as one of hardcore’s greatest ever frontmen was cemented by this footage. This was a reunion during a Raw Deal set I believe, and Tommy just goes mental all over the shop. Some classic CBs stage potatoes adds to the whole thing.

Killing Time @ CBGB 1990

A long one but an all time classic. One of the best NYHC bands ever and a set that just simply looks like a great time. Great stage moves, sick dives, hard moshing, and despite the length and the technical difficulties the whole thing is a great watch. Pretty sure there’s a point where there’s more people on stage than the floor…

Floorpunch ‘Final Mosh’ @ CBGB 2000 (both angles)

There’s two full videos of this, one from the side with bad audio but you can see all the wild shit, and one from behind the band where you can’t see as much crowd action but the sound is a bit better. This was meant to be their last ever show, and it’s a wild one. Opens with an intro medley feat. ‘The Hard Way’, ‘Rise And Fall’ and ‘Scarred For Life’ into the actual Floorpunch intro, which is a 5min mosh marathon in itself. There’s lad swinging from the rafters, diving into speakers, flipping off stage, diving ONTO the stage, and the band & crowd are just generally taking names on stage and in the pit. Great set list and reaction.

Dead Stop last show Belgium 2006

Another example for me of a show that looks perfect. I’ve always preferred diving and singing along to moshing, and there’s plenty of that here. The dives are so frequent that a pile of people builds up on the stage! I miss the era of people knowing all the words to bands, you can hear this whole room singing along to the two songs on this vid. Frontman had great charisma too, and the band was shit hot.

No Tolerance @ New Brighton Fort 2012

I put this show on while also driving their tour, I was stressed out and exhausted having also played a couple of sets that day, so it’s sick to have this video floating about to look back on. A true modern classic. CC broke a string half way through the intro and DFJ calls for it to start again haha “Fire it up! I’m dead fuckin serious!”. The gig was in a 19th century fort across the river from Liverpool too, so that made it even sicker. Solid shift from No Tol and a million mates in the pit. Washington DC resident and Barge bass player Dan Horres also pops up on guest vox for a Side By Side cover! I think he misses those cheap flights…

Think Twice @ Outbreak Fest 2012

I missed this one in person as I was driving the aforementioned No Tolerance/Give tour, and after seeing this I wished I was there so badly. Think Twice were a sick Straight Ahead style band that disintegrated right at the turning point (lol) of UK hardcore becoming great which I think is a shame. They open this set with a Beyond cover and the place goes wild. Good to see a lot of people in the pit still in the pit and on stage today, which can’t be said for most of the band!

Ladball in Boston 2015

Yeah I played in this one but fuck it, my rules motherfuckers. Somewhere along the way on the Flex/Red Death US tour we joked that it would be sick to do a Madball cover band and only do Ball Of Destruction start to finish, so one day in Denver when we had some time on our hands we learned it and that was that. We did it a few times as a surprise, including in NYC where the sound guy was so pissed off he turned off the mic til the last song, but Boston was the best easily. One of the most fun sets I’ve ever played. We had a different singer for every song; Sam Flex, Sophie from Leather Daddy, DFJ, Dave Sheehan (on Sam’s shoulders), Diana from Dame, Judge from Mind Rot, CC and Doug Free. A good old time.


Donnie Lonegan ‘Gambling Man’ TV 1958
First saw this on the documentary ‘It Might Get Loud’ (great watch by the way for the guitar nerds out there) and it blew me away. It’s faster than some hardcore bands in 2015! Great guitar solo and a sick little drum solo from the days where the drummer crashed on the last beat of the measure rather than the first. Wild sounding shit!

Howlin Wolf ‘How Many More Years’ TV 1966

I love old videos of blues singers live, especially Wolf, as he was one of the many from the era that never sang a song the same way twice. As a result, when any of these guys ended up in a film, they’d have to record new ‘live’ vocals over a backing track as they couldn’t lip synch to a song that they probably only sang a certain way once on a recording (see John Lee Hooker and Aretha Franklin in The Blues Brothers movie). Anyway, great performance here and I love the little speeches.

The Yardbirds ‘Train Kept A-Rollin’ German TV 1966

A strange one. Arguably the Yardbirds best song, yet it’s a cover of a Tiny Bradshaw tune initially made famous by Johnny Burnette, so there was weird copyright issues around the Yardbirds playing it on TV. So they just changed the title and a few of the words and blasted it out anyway, complete with some weird acting. Note Jeff Beck kicking the shit out of his gear, partly an act he was asked to do by producers in wake of The Who’s destructive streak, and partly echoing the constant equipment and performance problems Beck was having around this dual guitar period of the band (Jimmy Page being the other).

Led Zeppelin Denmark Radio set 1969

One of their first ever sets, during their first ever tour, while still billed as The New Yardbirds, as Jimmy Page somehow retained the rights to the recently-imploded Yardbirds and they were contractually obligated to do a Scandinavian tour. It’s amazing how well this band worked together so early on, this was before the first album was even out. The sound is perfect on this, and Bonzo is smashing the shit out of the kit despite playing with what appears to be chopsticks. Highlights are definitely ‘How Many More Times’, ‘Dazed And Confused’ (stolen wholesale from Jake Holmes) and ‘Communication Breakdown’, aka most of the set. Gods.

AC/DC ‘TNT’ live in Glasgow 1977

Annoyingly, most of the best AC/DC footage is either absent from the internet or has been taken down, most notably the Myer Music Bowl footage and the raw as fuck St Albans (AUS) school hall set from 1976, with amazing versions of ‘TNT’ and ‘School Days’. Fortunately though there’s still plenty of Bon-era corkers about, like this one from ’77. I love the way Angus legs it onstage alone while ripping a solo while everyone else is setting up. Classic performance by the greatest rock band of all time.

The Ramones live in London on NYE 1977

Easily the best Ramones set I’ve ever come across. Much of this was used on their perfect live record ‘It’s Alive’ and it sounds great. In fact part of the reason I play my guitar through a Marshall JMP is because of this set. This vid shows The Ramones in their prime, tune after tune, downstrokes and 8th notes, just total military discipline.

The Undertones ‘Get Over You’ 1978

Not too much background on this one, it’s only one song and I can’t find where or exactly when it was filmed, but it’s brilliant. The guitars sound great and have a bit more bite than the recorded version, and despite my better judgement I can’t help but think that Feargal looks cool as fuck with that daft ciggy. What a voice.

Slayer on Venom ‘Combat’ tour DVD 1984

A great early era of Slayer when Kerry had long hair and still wore spiked arm bands. This is part of a tour DVD with Exodus and Venom, who also have sick parts, but Slayer steal the show. My favourite part though, is the interview in which Slayer are asked what their influences are, and they answer “Verbal Assault, Agnostic Front, DRI…anything fast!”. And this was the same year Victim In Pain came out! Funny that AF would end up being influenced by Slayer…

Wu-Tang Clan ‘Protect Ya Neck’ @ Uptown Comedy Club 1993

I think this is the earliest known live footage of the Wu, and it’s certainly a treat. This was before the LP even came out, so its sick to see how much the crowd are buzzing off ‘Protect Ya Neck’ when it will have just come out as a single with a relatively low profile. Cool to see Ghost still wearing the mask, and Dirty in full force. GOAT status confirmed all round.

Jackie & The Cedrics in Osaka 1997

I know next to nothing about this band other than they are a Japanese surf covers band of some sort. I can’t even remember how I came across this video but I love it. They do a Dick Dale medley, the drummer sets his cymbals on fire, there’s dancing girls in bikinis on stage, the bass player does a back flip off the monitor, there’s a guy stage diving in what appears to be half a wetsuit, it’s completely mental. The funny thing is, every other video of the band is really sedate and normal. Weird.


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