SLAYER vs METALLICA #2: Connor Donegan

Next up in our High Thrashin’ debate is Mr Connor Donegan, also of Washington DC and also of RED DEATH. In fact him and DHD even shared a room at 1326 Newton. As well as being in Red Death, Connor is the brains behind PROTESTER and plays in SEMPER EADEM, GENOCIDE PACT and a load of other shit I can’t remember right now.


“It’s a hard decision, but I’m gonna go with SLAYER. Even though I’d say METALLICA was an objectively “better” band, Slayer just makes me want to break shit. One time I played a show in Ohio, and some redneck came up to me drinking a combo of whisky and Faygo and rambled on about how he liked Slayer because “they put the evil in it, man”. Can’t disagree with that. Also in case you were deaf, Dave Lombardo is the most crushing drummer of all time and that alone is a huge reason why I’d take Slayer over Metallica. Both bands are fucking sick, but Slayer has more great records and Metallica would have been better with Lombardo behind the kit. SPIRIT IN BLACK TIL THE…END.”


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