This has always been an interesting debate, so we asked a few friends the ultimate metal question, SLAYER or METALLICA? Up first is Chad Troncale aka DHD, currently a resident of Washington, D.C. and a member of INTENT, ZOOM and RED DEATH.


“Metallica over Slayer def. I love Slayer but they never had Cliff Burton. I’m ultra mega biased because of that. Dude is a template for everything I do. Just use any and every influence and think outside the box. Slayer has fast bone crushing 2 minute rippers and the most extraterrestrial guitar solos I’ve ever heard, but Metallica had a sense of musicianship that’s untouched. Like a fucked up mix of ‘Tuesday’s Gone‘ meets ‘Earth A.D.‘ meets ‘Am I Evil‘ meets a BACH piano sonata. Perfect blend of beauty and chaos. Slayer’s just all chaos and I love that, but 80s Metallica perfectly channelled both aggression AND beauty.”


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