FORESEEN – Helsinki Savagery LP Review



Words by Pimmy Mallet

I was hesitant to call this a crossover record at first, until I realised that it just has in abundance what most crossover bands lack; speed. While it’s not necessarily a bad thing, most bands doing the crossover sound generally just stitch together the slower bits of thrash metal, like a sort of mosh part best-of, thrash without the thrash a la ‘Alpha Omega’.
This is not the approach taken by the boys from Helsinki. The tempo changes and mosh parts are still there in buckets, but the real standout here is the fast parts. You know this style has been nailed when the fast parts make you want to PIT just as hard as the slow bits; this is like SLAYER being put through an AGNOSTIC FRONT filter. The drumming is standout here; Marten plays the drums like a young Lombardo and just steams through the whole thing. Absolutely NO cheat-beats, cut corners or budget riffs on this slab. Just listen to that intro and tell me you don’t wanna run through a wall when the fast beat kicks in. In fact just listen to the whole thing right now, it’s got it all; speed, musicianship, it’s hard as nails, great vocals, relevant lyrics, perfect production. True thrash metal played by a true hardcore band. LP of the year, I’m saying it now. Now fuck off and slam around to this.

Listen HERE



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