News Roundup Vol.1

So we are nearly at the end of this foul year of our Lord (Ezec), 2014. Here’s a quick roundup of the latest happenings in the world of the fast one-two.

[We aren’t clued up on every single facet of the hardcore world, so if anyone has any news from places/bands we haven’t listed, slot it in to: ]

Starting at LF ground zero up here in Leeds, the boys from SHRAPNEL just dropped their debut 7″ on Quality Control HQ, and are just about to play the America’s Hardcore Fest in Boston. The 7″ is a fucking ripper as you’d expect, and after adding second guitar player Connor Hehir of FADE fame they’ve now got a tasteful dose of NYHC style metallic goodness in there a la KILLING TIME LP and DMIZE. Speaking of Fade, they have an EP about to come out on Neutral Words Records, and their demo has been pressed onto 7″ by Speedowax. Any fans of 90s Rev rock, keep your eyes peeled for those discs.
VIOLENT REACTION just recorded a new LP with James Atkinson for Revelation Records, and is the first non-American band to join the label. Mixing is being finished at the moment and is slated for a Spring 2015 release. Jimmy Wizard unfortunately parted ways with VR before the recording due to other commitments/his job at MI6. They are currently playing as a four piece with Charlie back on bass, but are looking for a permanent bass player.
URBAN SPIRIT recorded a sick demo at the Burley Hit Factory a couple of months ago and have improved 200% since their debut at the Outbreak pre-show last year, new songs are sick and Max even does a little shred. Demo out on Neutral Words, watch out for that one. BROKEN TEETH (I guess they’re Leeds now) have a new lineup with Nidgedogg on bass & Westy on guitar and are currently writing their debut LP. About fucking time lads, you’ve only been playing the same set for 30 years. Expect some MERAUDER style jams on that upcoming tour with FIRE & ICE later in the month.
THE FLEX have taken a break from their residency at Temple Of Boom to write their new 7″ for Lockin’ Out Records. Their last practice consisted of eating Milky Bar Buttons and watching Airplane. You can’t buy that kind of confident professionalism. PERSPEX FLESH have just recorded their second 12″ and everyone knows it’s gonna be great. Liam says he got weird on the vocals. Alex Wizard, brother of Jimmy, has moved to Leeds and is starting various bands with a Bleak Realitator, his brother, a scouser, a wool and an Aussie. Should be interesting.
OBSTRUCT have a date for their LP recording, but we all know it’s never coming out. Ever. A new band called REGIMENT has recorded a demo in the style of Boston Crew bands circa 1982-84, which will be out on a tape via Quality Control Records IF THE SINGER WILL EVER DO THE FUCKING VOCALS.

Over in Sheffield, top No Future style punkers DETERGENTS have just released a brilliant single on Quality Control HQ. This band has come far in a short while, considering the guitar player and drummer are pretty new to their instruments. Such is the case with THE REPOSSESSED, who put out a great BLITZ/NA style demo and have been playing out a lot. Their set at Static Shock Weekend was absolutely banging. As was their fellow Lughole dwellers’ DRY HEAVES set. The Heaves have recently put out their debut LP and its more of the same great KBD-meets-Cali hardcore stuff. Go and see them if you can. SIEVEHEAD also released a great demo recently and have been playing a lot in Sheffield and Leeds, I don’t even know what to describe them as but it’s certainly some good punk rock.

Down in Liverpool, NOYADE have risen from the ashes of STUCK IN A RUT, have recorded a demo in the vein of 90s Clevo stuff and have been playing a few shows here and there.
SSS just released their latest LP on a new label whose name escapes me, but I know it’s being sold at HMV. The DOWN AND OUTS are still the UK’s best punk band, except maybe THE ZIPCODES, who are in the process of recording their number one album. Still.

Manchester happenings kick off with SURVIVAL adding second guitarist Hom Toward and changing direction slightly with their latest EP on New Instinct Records, now rocking a more STRAIGHT AHEAD/youth crew type sound. Survival personnel have teamed up with Roger from the late great YOUR MOVE and started a band called INSIST, in the vein of bands like CHAIN OF STRENGTH and THE FIRST STEP. They spent about 200 grand on the demo but it’s paid off, their second show was in (Bloody Bloody) Belgium. Rumour has it that Port-Daddy is fronting a new NYHC-styled outfit too, so we are looking forward to that surfacing.

Onto some London/South Coast happenings. ARMS RACE just released a contender for 7″ of the year called ‘Gotta Get Out’ on (you guessed it) Quality Control HQ, and have just added Charlie from Violent Reaction on second guitar, and subbed out Oli for Tom P from VR on drums. CROWN COURT have played a couple of gigs now, and have just finished mastering their 7″ that will be coming out on Rebellion Records. Probably the UK’s best current Oi! band, excluding the classics of course.
Last week saw us saying farewell to part of Phassan’s empire as FINAL RAGE played their last show, but a new straight edge band featuring a classic lineup of DBC, Rome, Dave, Pedro and Simpson (the third member of Chas & Dave) called DAY OF RIGHTS played their first show (video here). Sounds heavy AND hard so far, a deceptively hard combo to master. You wouldn’t think so listening to those new REPENTANCE songs though, as they manage both with ease. Seems to be some extra SLAYER influence in there now, which is a bonus. They’ve just finished tracking their first LP, which should be out next year and will burn all non believers alive in their beds. Or something. MANKIND have had a great 7″ out for a while, and continue to get even better live, which they proved by killing it at their recent show in London with FORESEEN, who incidentally also tore the UK a new starfish a few weeks back.
Look out for South Coast bands EGO TRIP and FEEDING CHAIN playing out more in 2015. BREAKING POINT just released their LP called ‘Set To Burn’ on Carry The Weight Records, much chug.
Is the GUIDANCE LP ever coming out? Are they still a band? Did Charlie join ISIS? No one will ever know. But I do know that it’s great and they should play again.

More news as it fuckin’ happens. State of our Wes.


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